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With our professional and personal experiences, we are very knowledgeable and empathetic resources for expatriate employees and their families adapting in the Netherlands. As a multi-language psychologist – English, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Greek, and German – working in The Hague, Leiden, and Amsterdam the focus of our practice is on counseling expatriates. We are well acquaintance with the issues that expats face it. Relocation to a foreign country, isolation, relationship, work, family, health, finances, all can impact our self-image, our mood, and our energy. We combine my skills with empathy and warmth. We help people who are experiencing distress or stress either in their personal lives, in their relationships, in their families or in their career. As well we provide effective treatments for a range of problems: depression, anxiety, panic, stress, grief and loss, sleep, relationship and marriage problems, behavioral issues with children, parenting and much more. We are psychologists who is a non-judgmental listener who can provide a different perspective on your problems.

Free walk-in consultation in LEIDEN
Saturdays at 10:00 – 11:30

We have a free of charge, consultation hour. Between 10:00-11:30 you are welcome to come and discuss with our psychologist about any questions you may have regarding mental health difficulties.

Let us know that you come, so we can plan an individual free of charge short session with you at Roy at or Caroline at

If you are looking for a Child psychologist & Behavioural Analyst please contact our Kelly at

The Hague Psychologist

Our team of therapists within the Private Psychological Practice are committed to creating solutions and enhancing lives of an expat’s adults, international students, adolescents, parents, children, and couples. We conduct comprehensive psychological evaluations assessing for ADHD, emotional and behavioral issues, anxieties, and much more. Plans for solutions are then generated and our team works together to help you achieve your goals. Child & Adolescent Behavioral Analyst specializes in the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents. The practice includes psychologists and therapists specializing in working with adults and couples. We often work together as a team, ensuring that the needs of entire families can be addressed.

Our practice motto is SUCCESS!

As a multi-language psychologist – English, Spanish, Hebrew, German, Russian, and Greek – working in The Hague, Leiden, and Amsterdam the focus of our practice is on counseling an expats, diplomats, emigrants, and International students.

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There are one million ways to reach it!

Therapy can teach you new ways to think about the situations that bother you and help you cope with your feelings.


Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to find it.


Once an individual is aware of his or her personal style and development needs, counseling and mentoring creates an environment where positive change can occur.