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Hello, I`m Drs. T.P. (Taya) Slobodjaniuk

Expat Psychological Practice are skilled at working with couples, individuals, teenagers, children and families. We offer a direct, empathetic style, and believe therapists should get clear feedback, and believe that therapy should be a rewarding experience.

In our practice we primarily rely on cognitive behavioural therapy, but our approach is eclectic, which means we adapt to different styles and we tailor our style to suit each client’s needs. We give our clients concrete, tangible tools and skills they can use immediately after each appointment.

Our practice specializes in anger and stress management for adolescents, adults, families, individuals, couples, employees, and HR managers. Additionally, we work together with clients to help them navigate myriad other challenges, especially anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. Reach out to find out more!

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Psychotherapy is really aimed at helping people solve problems they are unable to solve on their own. Truly what sets a trained professional from a ``friend`` or regular venting is their education, experience and training to treat and view problems that a lay person would not be able to do.
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Our Specialists and Experts

Anna Bezinger
Clinical Psychologist

Conducting sessions in English and Russian, working with students, adults, couples, and kids.

Zeynep Alper
International Psychologist

Speak English & Turkish, conduct sessions with adults, students and children.

Lidia Alba
Clinical Psychologist

Conducting sessions in Spanish and Italian, working with adults, students, and children

Leonie Dijkhuizen

Conducting sessions in English & Dutch, working with adults & children

Emma Ferrando
Junior Clinical Psychologist

Speak Italian & English, conduct sessions with adults and students

Sinead Twomey
Junior Clinical Psychologist

Speak English and conduct sessions with adults and students

Our client testimonials

Based on my experience, what made Expat Psychology Practice different from other therapists I have visited is that I received immediate practical advise and exercises to overcome my problems. I experienced an approach that suit me best, where they were so accommodating that they immediately acknowledge my needs where to focus on.

Taya is a kind and unique soul and she is very accommodating. While dealing with crisis, she will help you at short notice. Immediate sessions with Taya helped me get through a rather difficult and chaotic time. The tools I have learned at Expat Psychology now have improved my confidence and self-esteem to deal with issues in the past, present and to deal with them in the future.

After just a couple of sessions with Drs. Taya Slobodjaniuk, I was able to better understand my intrusive thoughts, she was able to help me manage them in a healthy way. She truly is a Nomad Psychologist.

Proud support team

Natalia Karavaeva
Dance & movement therapy

Conducting sessions in English and Russian

Neus Herrero
Executive Assistant

Where to start?

Psychotherapy lays the emotional groundwork that leads to a more happy and satisfying life, where many people think of psychotherapy, especially some kinds of traditional psychotherapy, as one-sided: the person in therapy talks and the therapist listens.

Effective psychotherapy – therapy that heals – works because of the unique relationship that develops between the therapist and the person in therapy. Finding the right therapist is an integral process to making change. We have found that the connection within the therapeutic relationship is the most critical piece for success.